Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support

This explains what Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is and describes each level in the PBS pyramid. It also lists the Universal Positive Behavior Support strategies that Better Community Living, Inc. has adopted as an agency.

Positive Behavior Support is a systematic, person centered approach to understanding the reasons for behavior and applying evidence based practices for prevention, proactive intervention, teaching and responding to behavior, with the goal of achieving  meaningful social outcomes, increasing learning and enhancing the quality of life across the lifespan.

Universal Positive Behavior Support strategies are things that we do for all individuals we support. The vast majority (about 80%) of individuals are successful with just these strategies.

Better Community Living’s Universal Positive Behavior Supports:

Choice Making Opportunities

 Relationship Enhancement

Community Integration

Opportunities to Learn New Skills

Positive and Encouraging Interaction Style

Targeted Positive Behavior Support strategies are person specific procedures designed to address particular behavioral issues that may put the person at risk for reduced quality of life. About 15% of the people supported may require these types of interventions.

Intensive Positive Behavior Support strategies are also person-specific and may be utilized to help remediate dangerous or significantly interfering behavior. Individuals requiring these types of interventions represent only about 5% of the people supported.

At Better Community Living we believe that people who feel in control of their lives, who feel valued, who feel their lives are meaningful and who have things to look forward to are far less likely to engage in problem behavior.