Residential Living

Residential Services

Our residential supports take a very individualized or person-centered approach to determine the best living arrangements for our consumers. After concluding what living arrangement is most appropriate, our Intake Team strives to provide the least restrictive home setting for an individual. Staff support is designed based on the individual’s needs and ability to learn new skills that will help the individual to progress to an even more independent home environment.

BCL supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 24-hour residential settings – settings that range from a single-person apartment to group home, which primarily serves two, three or four people.

The residential supports strive to provide opportunities for individuals to become involved in recreation, leisure and community activities, such as doing physical recreation, attending religious services, participating in community organizations, vacationing and more. BCL respects ethnic and cultural diversity and encourages individuals to embrace that diversity at home and in the community.

BCL consumers represent a population with a wide variety of needs. The agency relies on consumer and family input for the design of all residential supports. Our agency is committed to the national trend that promotes designing supports based on the needs of the individual being served by those supports. The residential supports also provide nursing and psychological assistance when needed as well as individual community supports and respite care.