17 Sep, 2018
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17 Jul, 2018
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7 May, 2018
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3rd Annual Bike Run

Please join us and ride for a good cause! ...

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1 May, 2018
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19th Annual Golf Tournament

Please join us for a good day of golf for a “better” cause!    ...

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15 Feb, 2018
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How It All Started: The Story of Executive Director, Thomas C

[caption id="attachment_1381" align="alignright" width="200"] Photo Credit: New Bedford Guide / Photographer Colton Simmons[/caption] When Thomas Riley began his ...

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18 Jan, 2018
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Whatever it Takes… Building a Home

Better Community Living, Inc. (BCL) provides homes to those with disabilities. However, there’s a unique level of compassion for those served by BCL. This mission is...

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8 Jan, 2018
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Positive Behavior Support

This explains what Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is and describes each level in the PBS pyramid. It also lists the Universal Positive Behavior Support strategies t...

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5 Jan, 2018
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BCL’s Monthly Friendship Dinners: A Chance To Learn and

Relationships, a sense of community, and a feeling of belonging... these are qualities many of us enjoy on a daily basis, but rarely fully appreciate. For persons wi...

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28 Nov, 2017
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Friendships, Art, and Lifelong Memories: The Story of David a

In life, people meet under all kinds of circumstances. Often, these circumstances are expected. We make new friends in our social and work networks and we don't thin...

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